Splinting Vs Casting 夹板固定和石膏固定

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Splinting VS  Casting

这期我们继续上周末的话题, 来聊聊夹板固定和石膏固定各自的优缺点!

1.Splint is faster and easier to apply.

(1).Apply 意为"使用; 应用"。例如"使用药膏" apply topical cream

(2).我们常说的手机应用APP就是名词形式 application 的缩写!


2.Splint is non-circumferential which minimise pressure-related complications.

Complications include skin breakdown, necrosis and compartment syndrome during the initial inflammation and swelling.

(1).Circumferential 意为"围绕的",名词为 circumference "周长"

体检时检查的"腰围"称为 waist circumference

(2).Skin breakdown 的意思是"皮肤损伤"。另外"精神崩溃"也叫作 mental breakdown

(3).前缀 necro- 代表"死亡"

necrosis 就是"坏死"

(4).Compartment syndrome 的意思是"筋膜间隙综合症"


3.Furthermore, a splint can be removed more easily than a cast, allowing for regular inspection of the injury site.

Inspection 意为"查看"

例如汇报查体结果是通常也会以 "On inspection…" 作为开头。


4.However, splint allows excessive motion at the injury site. 

It’s not for unstable or potentially unstable fracture.

(1).Excessive 意为"过多的"

(2).Unstable 意为"不稳定的"


例如haemodynamically unstable 意为"血流动力不稳定"


5.On the other hand, casting provides more effective immobilisation and support for these types of fractures. 

Hence casting is more often used as standard care once the initial swelling settled.  


Apply 使用

Circumferential 围绕的

Circumference 周长

Breakdown 受损

Mental 精神的

Necrosis 坏死

Compartment syndrome 


Waist 腰

Inspection 查看

Excessive 过多的

Unstable 不稳定

Haemodynamic 血液动力的

Effective 有效的




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